After 4 cans of coffee, what came out was this …

I’ve done some reflection on getting this story right and finally found the direction that was actually satisfying to write. The entire short is far from complete but below is a preview of how it’s going to look like –

1st Life of Eril Prologue:

“Kin-ti-fi! Kin-ti-fi! Kin-ti-fi!”

Devotees roared with vigour so moving it almost woke corpses in the neighbouring cemetery. Men and women clad in little to no cloth gathered before a cauldron big enough to swallow the crowd whole. They gathered to worship their one and only true God who burned with fires of justice within the giant pot.

Standing before the pot was a platform raised high up to support Kintifi’s high priest, Yanus and his crucified sacrifice who dwelled in the state of intoxication, never conscious enough to comprehend the event unfolding before her.

Yanus raised both hands to silence the crowd as he prepared a moving speech about righteous murder. The crowd listened intently for Yanus garnered enough respect among his followers through devotion, integrity and most importantly, being a saviour in their grievous lives.

In the ancient society of the old Gods, everyone was born into place and never questioning of their purpose but not Kintifi; he was a great God who believed in Justice and Equality. Should a noble offend a peasant, the lower ranked have every right to deliver the same punishment to the higher ranked. No life before Kintifi was born lower than the other.

Bound on the wooden frame was proud soldier of the King’s royal guards, first female to be receive the honour of a knight rank. Pinned on her left breast was a golden Lion insignia that sparkled with pride even though she was beaten down to nothing more than a sacrifice that drooled mindlessly before death. Slipping in and out of consciousness, her will to fight wasn’t lessened by the overwhelming odds, clearly hanging on to the Lion’s pride.

Yanus spared a final glance at the sacrifice after the speech to ensure she was conscious enough to scream for the crowd.