9 Lives of Eril

Link to new story:


Alright, here’s the new story as promised on facebook fanpage.

Although chapter 1 was written few months back, it wasn’t posted as I wasn’t sure where this story would take flight to. Initially. the purpose was only to understand the long running character “Eril” more, in the novel that I’ve been working on for a decade or so, as a different approach to character development and history.

Then, I realised this could very well be the backstory or starting point leading to the events of “Part 1” (to be renamed later) and even better, building up a fictional world as a base to write on for future stories of the same world.

Currently the story is stuck at Chapter3 with broken scenes but that should be fixed as soon as time becomes a luxury for the soul. It may sound impossible but more holidays are on the way ~