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Secret Identities

"Yes Mr Heng, we will find out what’s going on." was the last line my secretary said over the phone.

I hung up, plunged backwards into my swivel chair, my fingers massaging my temples. ‘What was she up to?’ Was the only thing in my mind. Ever since our friend died, another friend was revealed to be a spy from the enemy, good thing we didn’t reveal our personal lives or my family would be in danger now.

Cherrise, Cherrise, what are you thinking now?

A knock came through the door. "Yes Carter, what do you want?"

"Nothing, just to steal a few moments from you perhaps."

"Fine, come in."

Sam Carter came in, cigarette in-between his hands, lit. I hate tobacco smell and even more so when I smell like it yet Sam was holding that obnoxious burning thing into my office and fill it with the unpleasant smell.

I glared at Sam after he sat down.

"What? I’m not welcomed any  more?"

"The sign clearly states no smoking, which part of it do I need to explain to you?"

He drew in a breath of tobacco and blew it upwards and then swung his feet up to my desk where they found a comfortable spot to rest on – a pile of documents.

"And besides, I thought you quit?"

"Meh, things happen. Old habits die easily."

"Hard, you mean?"

"Nah, easily. My old habit of holding promises die easily. Especially when the person I made promise to is dead."

Mary … We both know what happened and we both know how this goes but we don’t have a single clue where to start. The bogey man finds you, you don’t find it. When you’re too complacent with your lives, he crawls out under the bed or drawer and gives you a scare of a life time. In our case, it scarred us for a life time. Sam’s crush is dead, our most trusted friend turned out to be the enemy and we’re left in shambles to deal with the public.

"So what’cha thinking of?" Sam asked.

"Whatever the enemy is thinking of."



"Nothing! See, you’re here sitting in your throne thinking what our enemy is thinking and they are thinking the same thing. It spirals down the infinity hole dear friend, so no one’s thinking of anything. It’s like looking at your reflection in-between two mirrors or ea …"

"Okay okay, I get your point." when Sam starts using food or eating as an analogy, we really will be spiralling down an infinity loop.

I sighed. I need a breather or a really long break but I can’t afford the latter so I stood up, walked out of the office and headed somewhere, anywhere, that was tobacco free.


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