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Short Stories

These are the shorter stories while working on the more ambitious novel length stories.

iCat (Story)

Ever lived with a cat? The protagonist saved a cat from the brink of death only to find living with one wasn’t any easier living with another human.


Moral Conflicts Series ( Story 1 & Story 2 Slated to rewrite before publishing again)

This mature series sparked a contradictory list of cheers and jeers as the topics discussed was one of sensitive nature and malicious and the presentation style was somewhat confusing to some and disagreed with others.

This series wasn’t written with mature audiences in mind but those seeking thrills in cruel and sadistic fiction. It was also written NOT to satisfy their thrills but to portray the harsh reality of such thrill seeking.

*Moral Conflicts 2 is cancelled from re write due to personal reasons.


Catastrophe (Story)

Very so often we find ourselves so busy with our lives we loose track of what is happening around us. Only when our environments change so drastically till we can’t recognise will we start taking notice and learn of the changes. More so than often, it is already too late.

Inspired by a dream.


Wordless (Story)

Jun and Xing share a relationship not of love but numbness to their surroundings, their lives. While everyone leads their lives happily and positively, both of them no longer feel anything thus Jun stuck with Xing like a close friend.


Storm (Story)

The protagonist, fascinated by gushing water in drains during storms, would always pull his close friend along to feel the adrenaline rush of the strong currents. An essay written for school.


Uncle and Cat (Story)

Rick the cat is the resident cat King of the neighbourhood while Rio is tenant of a little shop in Rick’s territory. This story is a relationship between Rick and Rio. An fictional account written based on real characters.


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