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Schzool: What is everyone ordering?

Being in a posh restaurant and all, everyone seemed too shy to take any orders. So Madam PMS let me have the honours to start with mine when the waiter was here. I took a big gulp, hoping that wasn’t a big order.

“I’d have a wah-gyu beef steak please,” I said.

“Make that two,” Tandoori budged in.

“Dim sum set please,” followed by Siew Mai.

“Give me one Bamboo shoot rice, thanks,” Bear ordered. I thought bears don’t eat bamboo!

“Chicken Salad please,” Sheep said meekly.

The Wolves, four of them hearts as one, ordered grilled lamb.

Fox had a hard time deciding but her dilemma was over when Madam PMS encouraged her to eat as if this was the last dinner she ever had and she ended up with German pork knuckles.

When it came to Horse, no one except the waiter understood his order. He said, “Can I haz cheezburger?” And the waiter grinned while scribbling it down.

Rat calmly raised his hand, “Doria with meat sauce please.” No one except him knew what that was.

Dog, after scratching his head at the menu for quite some time, finally spoke up, “Can I have uh … this – ” he pointed to ‘Quiche’, having a difficult time getting the name out, “ – Quickie?”

All the guys burst out laughing, leaving the girls to wonder what that meant. The waiter too, couldn’t suppress his giggles, “Yes sir, one keesh that is.”

After the laughter faded, Cat called for a grilled dory. It was my turn to return her earlier pokes, “Cat wants to eat you.”

Tandoori frowned, “That sounds damn wrong."

Madam PMS made the last order after that but the waiter insisted on taking more orders. Puzzled, the table stared back waiting for an answer. Then he pointed to Sloth, asking if he wants to make an order.

Rat nudged Sloth. “Oh, I’d have whatever Rat is having.”
The waiter raised an eyebrow.

“That’d be a Doria with meat sauce,” I quickly cut in. Satisfied with the orders he walked off while the rest of us carried chatting about everything under the sun.


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