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Schzool 101: How to make friends with your seniors in Poly (after graduation)

Poly life is an exciting transition for any O levels examination leavers. It can also be a nightmare when you’re all alone in the new environment. With with the exclusion of school uniforms, people in poly tend to dress in whichever ways they prefer; it can even turn into class politics. Dress like a nerd and you’re likely to be ostracise unless of course, everyone else in class dresses like a nerd OR everyone else in class possesses a certain degree of common sense.

So, the best way to survive is to learn from those who survive – your seniors. Having been through the same moments before they are glad to help but bug them too much and you’d drive them away from you so here’s some tips on surviving school –
1. Don’t crowd around the station
Ah ~ the convenience of having a school just beside a train station. I know you want to wait for your friend(s), so does the 100 over people flooding the station. Be a good student, read the signs that says ‘No waiting in this area’ and find a better waiting spot.

2. Know your new environment well
Of course when you’re new, you know nothing of your new surroundings thus the overcrowding situation as mentioned above. So what? Meet at the library? Meet up at Mcdonald’s? Or meet up at the plaza? But you don’t know where those places are!
Taking the time to explore your new surroundings is the making of a hard worker or someone who has too much time on his or her hands. But people always like to think it as the first so it turns into your advantage. Explore, and you’d find alternative spots close to the station that even people with no sense of direction can find.
On top of that, you’d have an easier time striking conversations with your seniors.

3. Shut up and sit down
When your senior tells you something ridiculous like the barbeque hotplate is 10 dollars rental and every 3 minutes you have to feed it 20cent coins to keep the heat going, don’t challenge their knowledge. Yes, you may have gone for hundreds of barbeque sessions that relies of charcoal for fire instead of coins but you’d never know, it just might be true.
So simply bunch up your face like it’s the most ridiculous thing you ever heard and play along. The key here is to detect what sort of mood and information your seniors are feeding you and react accordingly. Take in whatever facts they throw up and assume they’re true – you’d have plenty of time to verify the facts later.

4. Be afraid, be very afraid
When someone tells you of a ghost story, be afraid, or at least pretend. What is a school without ghost stories? A new school. And since this school’s land have history dated as far back as the world war, there definitely is a whole library of ghost stories or sightings passed down from generations before you.
When someone tells you a ghost story, they want you to feel scared so give it to them. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, even if your religion forbids you in believing in the existence of ghosts, just pretend you’re scared (reference from rule 3 – Shut up and sit down).

Give them what they want and they’d give them what you want. It’s called the ‘exchange’.


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