9 Lives of Eril chapter 1 re-write

Just as I was running through the new draft for 9 Lives of Eril I thought of changing to a friendlier platform for better outreach of audiences and then I found wattpad which seems like a very interesting site to settle down on. I’d probably migrate from fictionpress but that would that some time. Besides, I still need to monitor for a moment if uploading of new chapters is friendly enough on wattpad.

In the mean time, here’s the re-write of 9 Lives of Eril. 

Why the re-write?

Since the first chapter uploaded in April the idea of Eril has been bugging me day and night and especially when I went to chapter 3 things didn’t quite make sense any more. That was due to a lack of details when I first wrote this so I went back to the storyboard, scrapped everything, get the back story in order and then let it flow out again.

Things weren’t easy at this moment as my job was slowly killing me on the inside and I was struggling to breathe. But then when I finally quit in October (which is like last month), I begun to have more time which I didn’t know what to do with, so I went back and reworked chapter 2. The result was fascinating; even my soul mate gave me the thumbs up so I decided to rework chapter 1 as well.

That said, Chapter 2 isn’t completed reworking yet as at the same time I’m also toying with the idea of the reworked “EOS” which spawned this little side project “9 Lives of Eril”. The purpose of this side project served a prequel to the main story as well as character development as writing this involved much less research than the originally intended main story that will be taking place in a fictional kingdom based on the Malay peninsula – which is going to require some planning and research to get the details right.

But writing is supposed to be relaxing right?


That’s why I also started another mini project for character development short story called “7 a.m” for Schzool characters to prepare writing for the prequel and sequel for Schzool.


Review: Metal Gear Solid

Having survived disappointing adaptations, I picked up this book without much expectations but ended with much joy.

What is in this book

Members of an ex government agency took over a nuclear disposal facility and are making demands the government won’t give in. Solid Snake, a retired covert ops, is called in by the Colonel who is most familiar with this agency and Snake’s ex superior. They survived two major missions previously and there was no one else he could trust better than Snake.

But of course, that’s what the government wanted them to believe.

As Snake infiltrates the base, he discovers the dirty secrets hidden behind this mission.

What I think about this book

Just like ‘Splinter Cell’, Benson captured the wry humour of Snake and portrayed it as is. Some of the dialogues were recycled from the game but there are new ones to company. In the novelised version we get into Snake’s inner mind, clearly explaining the things he do instead of packing with action only like the game.

This novel also explores a bit into Snake’s world with the characters which makes it interesting to read for fans. Best of all, Benson kept the plot as close as the original game as possible, making this a loyal adaptation to the original Metal Gear Solid game.

The only thing you won’t find in this book is Snake’s in-game magic to store bulky equipment and run like he’s carrying nothing.

Once upon a time … Story Cubes

While window shopping with my soul mate we stumbled upon this novelties shop named ‘Bloomington’ (Singapore), a shop located in the basement of Achorpoint, opposite Ikea in Alexandra. Achorpoint is also home to a high class Kofu food court and many other nice shops. It’s not easy to reach by train if you’re not familiar with that area.

Bloomington carries a wide range of board games and novelties that you can hardly find in Singapore like ‘I’m the Boss!’ and ‘sounds like a plan’, brain boosting puzzles, musical cards, humourous signs … a little something for everyone.

And of course, not forgetting the writers, they carry this interesting dice game called ‘Story Cubes’; it comes with 9 picture dices that is up to your own interpretation of what they mean.

(For the fantasy writers there’s also a fantasy card game which was more costly so I didn’t buy and review … yet)

Inside the box it writes something like this –

Option 1: Roll 9 cubes, choose any face up pictures of the dice as the starting point of your story, begin with ‘once upon a time …” and link everything up.

Option 2: Choose a title of theme then roll all 9 cubes and try to tell a story that relates to the title or theme.

Option 3: Divide the cubes evenly among players, starting with one player and continuing in a circle, take turns and roll the cubes and you have a round robin going on.

Below is the self made rules of play that should only be taken as a reference only.

The game works like this – first you throw 3 dices then you let your imagination run wild. You throw another 3 dices and you let your imagination run even wilder. Finally, you throw the last 3 dices and let your imagination run to the other end of the world.

And what do you do with your running imagination? Write it down of course!

What I think of it … 

It’s a pretty nifty game to have and carry around. Not only it helps clear writing blocks but it can be used as a party game as well, although I wouldn’t recommend it to be played with people with limited or lazy imagination or played among more than 3 people. It sort of takes away the fun without having at least 3 cubes per person … well, maybe 2 cubes per person isn’t that bad either.

With 54 images and countless combinations, you can be sure your imagination can be stretched as far as the other end of the world!

Below are some shots for your reference:

Here’s how the box looks like:

The insides ~

All cubes rolled out

First three:

A fire broke out and burnt the cassette which exploded in all directions

Second three:

The exploded the cassette hit an old man carrying a cane who used an abacus to calculate his medical bills for this injury who actually turns out to be a shadow demon.

Last three:

I shone a torch at the old man and he retreated into a small tent replica in my room. I waited for time to pass and threw that replica away … with the shadowy demon.

Finally, try making out a story yourself using the pictures below –

The furthest two which are blurred is an abacus and a house.