After 4 cans of coffee, what came out was this …

I’ve done some reflection on getting this story right and finally found the direction that was actually satisfying to write. The entire short is far from complete but below is a preview of how it’s going to look like –

1st Life of Eril Prologue:

“Kin-ti-fi! Kin-ti-fi! Kin-ti-fi!”

Devotees roared with vigour so moving it almost woke corpses in the neighbouring cemetery. Men and women clad in little to no cloth gathered before a cauldron big enough to swallow the crowd whole. They gathered to worship their one and only true God who burned with fires of justice within the giant pot.

Standing before the pot was a platform raised high up to support Kintifi’s high priest, Yanus and his crucified sacrifice who dwelled in the state of intoxication, never conscious enough to comprehend the event unfolding before her.

Yanus raised both hands to silence the crowd as he prepared a moving speech about righteous murder. The crowd listened intently for Yanus garnered enough respect among his followers through devotion, integrity and most importantly, being a saviour in their grievous lives.

In the ancient society of the old Gods, everyone was born into place and never questioning of their purpose but not Kintifi; he was a great God who believed in Justice and Equality. Should a noble offend a peasant, the lower ranked have every right to deliver the same punishment to the higher ranked. No life before Kintifi was born lower than the other.

Bound on the wooden frame was proud soldier of the King’s royal guards, first female to be receive the honour of a knight rank. Pinned on her left breast was a golden Lion insignia that sparkled with pride even though she was beaten down to nothing more than a sacrifice that drooled mindlessly before death. Slipping in and out of consciousness, her will to fight wasn’t lessened by the overwhelming odds, clearly hanging on to the Lion’s pride.

Yanus spared a final glance at the sacrifice after the speech to ensure she was conscious enough to scream for the crowd.


RSE: Schzool 101–How to make friends with your seniors in poly

The following extract is just another humourous attempt at describing certain circumstances. Yes, there are more polytechnics in this country and around the world, yes, not all polytechnics have a train station just beside them and YES it is biased towards a certain school but since the story of Schzool is based around that area, let’s just assume this is more applicable to members of Schzool and not students in general.

However, the purpose of this writing this is still to hook up good ol’ memories of graduates and going to graduate-s alike. It is not a serious guide to help newcomers overcome their environmental issues.

Poly life is an exciting transition for any O levels examination leavers. It can also be a nightmare when you’re all alone in the new environment. With with the exclusion of school uniforms, people in poly tend to dress in whichever ways they prefer; it can even turn into class politics. Dress like a nerd and you’re likely to be ostracise unless of course, everyone else in class dresses like a nerd OR everyone else in class possesses a certain degree of common sense.

So, the best way to survive is to learn from those who survive – your seniors. Having been through the same moments before they are glad to help but bug them too much and you’d drive them away from you so here’s some tips on surviving school –

1. Don’t crowd around the station

Ah ~ the convenience of having a school just beside a train station. I know you want to wait for your friend(s), so does the 100 over people flooding the station. Be a good student, read the signs that says ‘No waiting in this area’ and find a better waiting spot.

2. Know your new environment well

Of course when you’re new, you know nothing of your new surroundings thus the overcrowding situation as mentioned above. So what? Meet at the library? Meet up at Mcdonald’s? Or meet up at the plaza? But you don’t know where those places are!

Taking the time to explore your new surroundings is the making of a hard worker or someone who has too much time on his or her hands. But people always like to think it as the first so it turns into your advantage. Explore, and you’d find alternative spots close to the station that even people with no sense of direction can find.

On top of that, you’d have an easier time striking conversations with your seniors.

3. Shut up and sit down

When your senior tells you something ridiculous like the barbeque hotplate is 10 dollars rental and every 3 minutes you have to feed it 20cent coins to keep the heat going, don’t challenge their knowledge. Yes, you may have gone for hundreds of barbeque sessions that relies of charcoal for fire instead of coins but you’d never know, it just might be true.

So simply bunch up your face like it’s the most ridiculous thing you ever heard and play along. The key here is to detect what sort of mood and information your seniors are feeding you and react accordingly. Take in whatever facts they throw up and assume they’re true – you’d have plenty of time to verify the facts later.

4. Be afraid, be very afraid

When someone tells you of a ghost story, be afraid, or at least pretend. What is a school without ghost stories? A new school. And since this school’s land have history dated as far back as the world war, there definitely is a whole library of ghost stories or sightings passed down from generations before you.

When someone tells you a ghost story, they want you to feel scared so give it to them. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, even if your religion forbids you in believing in the existence of ghosts, just pretend you’re scared (reference from rule 3 – Shut up and sit down).

Give them what they want and they’d give them what you want. It’s called the ‘exchange’.

Return of the King; EOS Part1

As the title suggests and as I promised to have a sneak preview of what’s Unker cooking, here is the comeback of the novel which pushed me to write many years ago. I’ve had re-written this piece at least 4 times without much progress until another fellow writer advised me to start something small and shorter.

Thus came all the shorter works like iCat, wordless, Moral conflicts and finally progressed to Schzool. Now as an attempt to re-write the novel I’ve set aside for years to complete, below is a preview and comparison with what was written years ago and the most recent one.

Next week I should be posting another RSE entry; content will be a surprise!

EOS Part1 written years ago

Now behold, the latest chapter written most recently.

EOS Part 1: Return To Fantasy

EP1: Rejection

“No.” Was the only word that breathed from Ri Shen, the short, messy boy from the other world.

Fine.” Eril was disappointed. She made sure her tone carried her disappointment across. During these hard times, she really didn’t care if it was appropriate or what anyone in the room would think of her.

The room was heavy with emotions and no one dared to speak a word. Although Eril was titled the God of all Gods, second to the Creator, she was clearly human now and no one dared challenge her emotions, more so one with such power.

Clementius, a young man with blacksmithing skills ahead of his time, looked upon Ri Shen with pain mixed with sadness. On one hand he could feel Ri Shen’s internal struggle – he had been closed to Ri Shen since his arrival in this village, thus understanding all his conflicts with morals – on the other hand there was too much at stake.

How did it lead to this? Clementius wondered. Just months ago Ri Shen arrived in this village, heavily wounded at first and then heavily burdened as a candidate of the Gods to battle against an ancient threat of this world. Just months ago Ri Shen slowly climbed out of the dilemma of murder versus survival even though the only things he ever kill with that sword was monsters that harmed other people. Just months ago, the village Chief was slowly integrating him into this world.


The Chief became was just days ago when Evil Lord, the ancient threat, sent one of his minions to wipe out this village. Piace, where Clementius was born, was never part of the Gods’ plan to be their hideout or ‘training camp’. It was no more than a decoy. The Chief knew it, Eril knew it, he knew it. Ri Shen didn’t and he’s blaming himself for if he had retreated as instructed, the Chief would’ve still been alive now.

This was war, people die all the time so no one blamed him, but he did. And he couldn’t understand why the Gods sent them newcomers to protect an atheist country like CY whilst stationing all the Heavenly Guards in other religious countries. Wouldn’t it been better to simply just let this place be wiped out? Ri Shen wondered. But really, he was just looking for something to blame other than himself.

“So much for saving you eh? That how you repay those who pulled you up? That how you handle crisis? By running away?” Eril didn’t mean it of course. Having lived through millenniums didn’t make her any less human, much less woman.

That hit the spot. Ri Shen turned around with his face all crunched up in anger and yelled. “First of all, you were late when I first arrived here and you were the one who swore against teleportation spells because it’d reveal your location but it is you who crossed the line and that’s why Piace was almost wiped out!” He had to emphasize on the ‘yous’ and ‘almost’, he didn’t know why; it was supposed to make him feel better but it didn’t.

Tears welled up in Eril’s eyes and she bolted out of the house. The Chief’s death was a blow to everyone, especially Eril who spent the last century of so as the Chief’s caretaker.

Clementius left the house back to his home for the death of a leader would mean lots of meetings, gatherings and discussions on the following day and being part of this village meant many rough days ahead. Lucky Ri Shen didn’t have to attend any of these.

Ri Shen returned to his room with heart heavy as anvil, confused with all the sudden happenings. He stripped down to shorts and left the cuirass and sheathed sword in one corner hoping nothing would disturb him tonight. But his conscience did. He stirred in the blanket covered straw bed for hours before his mind finally rested.

Eril couldn’t sleep that night. Then again, she didn’t need any sleep at all. She returned to the kingdom up in the clouds; what people call ‘Heaven’ but to her it’s just another place of staying and that’s where all the Gods in this world resided. Her being titled the ‘Gods of all Gods, second to the creator’ stemmed from her identity as the Gods’ caretakers. She saw every one of them as her own children, especially Saine.

Saine was hurt from the previous battle by a mysterious spell from Evil Lord which can only be cured with a certain medicine which can only be synthesized by an ingredient that Evil Lord produces. In a moment of fluster, she saw no other options than to teleport straight to evil’s dwellings to retrieve that crucial ingredient for every passing moment Siane’s life was fading away.

“How are you doing?” Eril prodded Saine with a finger.

Saine forced opened a trembling eye lid, his face still pale from the attack. “Weak. How’s things down there?”


The village square was filled with harsh debates among villagers of what they were to do next. The next Chief of Piace stood calmly on a wooden pedestal (it’s customary for leaders who wish to make announcements that affects the village as a whole), waiting for the voices to die down. In his mind, he rehearsed his speech over and over again, challenging himself with possible questions or objections to the direction he’s going to bring Piace next.

The new Chief cleared his throat that silenced the crowd. “Villagers of Piace,” he took in a deep breath, “As the new Chief of the village my purpose is protecting the village. We have been nomads for centuries under the guidance of our Gods – ” he held on for a dramatic pause, “LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO US!

Doubtful murmurs rose from the crowd; they were beginning to doubt the protection of the Gods they have worshipped for long; a tradition diluted through centuries of passing down and no one knew if that did any good to them at all.

“We helped!” The new Chief carried on, “We listened! And we were almost wiped out! What for?”

The majority repeated the new Chief’s last words chaotically, leaving the minority who still had faith worrying. One of them was Clementius. Through these months of helping Ri Shen, he gained the attention of a God who promised him a future where only a select few have walked.

A large hand held Clementius’s shoulders firmly that supported his falling heart.

We cannot stay here for long,” his master said, “If they wished to degenerate like that there’s nothing we can do.”

We’? Clementius was bemused over his master’s words. He knew his master as a boor who had faith in filling his tummy; when did he become as religious?

Masedra, Clementius’s childhood girl-friend, squeezed through crowding bodies to get to Clementius. While the others were overwhelmed by the new Chief’s words, she intended to elope with him; right here, right now. That’s just the kind of person Masedra was; pretty and reckless, that is, pretty in looks and pretty reckless. Yet in her heart she knew this was going to be something she had never faced before; something being rash wouldn’t help a bit.

She said nothing except staring into his distant eyes which seemed to be searching for a sign or clue from the Gods that told him what to do. But there was none.

“From now on, we SHALL BE, liberated from the Gods and lead the peaceful life we deserve!” Yelled the new Chief, and his audience cheered.

That was the end.

“So you’re going to just run away like Eril said?” The voice from the sword asked.

“You heard it yourself, they’re not going to tolerate anyone or anybody that has anything to do with the Gods, I’m not going to stay here to find out what they have to say to me,” Ri Shen said as he packed in a few clothes, jars of dried food and other equipment.

“Don’t you want me to keep those?”

Ri Shen stared at the gauntlets other defensive equipment, “Yes please.” With that, bright light shrouded the items as they beamed into the sword like a scene plucked out of a sci-fi flick.

He slung the rucksack over his shoulders and descended the stairs with fantasies of confrontation running through his head. He wasn’t the sort who loved fights but if he had to face one, he’d rather prepare them well before anyone was hurt. The new Chief hadn’t struck him as friendly, especially when the late Chief was struggling for his last breath the past week, the new Chief’s tone hadn’t been kind. That struck a nerve in Ri Shen but he didn’t want to torch the whole village even though he could.

No resistance at the door. Not yet, Ri Shen presumed. Taking a whole community into one’s hands and steering them away from tradition was a daunting task for anyone inexperienced, let alone the new Chief. Perhaps, Ri Shen thought, he should stop assume the worse of that man; he was just protecting his people after all.

“Shouldn’t you at least bid farewell to your friends?” The voice from the sword spoke.

Ri Shen thought for a moment, “Alright.”

With that he went to Clementius’ house and hoping to avoid Masedra; a childish impulse stopped him from doing so. He never liked good-byes, never was, never will.

Clementius was packing his rucksack when Ri Shen entered the house. Seeing how his friend had to move away because of the incident ached his heart. Clementius looked up blankly while none could find the right words to say.

After a long pause, Ri Shen decided to make a move. “I’m making a move.”

Clementius shrugged, “Alright.”

Another awkward silence.

“I’m making a move too actually. Can’t stay here for long with a revolution going on and such.”


“So where will you be heading?” Ri Shen asked.

“South; down south. Master says that’s where the rainbows are.”

‘Down south? But there’s nothing down south!’ Ri Shen could faintly hear Clementius’ protest months ago when his master first told them of the rainbows that lead to the legendary blacksmith. The legend was one with celestial materials; every blacksmith’s dream.

“You’d be heading North I presume? That’s where the King is.”

“Until Eril stops me, yeah.”

Clementius reluctantly extended his hand to Ri Shen. “I guess this is farewell.”

Ri Shen emotionally forearm and pat his back. “Remember to inform Masedra!”

Clementius simply gave a snorted grin and Ri Shen walked towards the north; never turning back again.

RSE: Dear parent …

Due to recent events, I am inspired to write a story about delusional parenthood after Schzool is finished. And below is a fictional letter written to the protagonist who is the parent and struggling to keep the family together.

This story is  titled “The lizards, they are watching.”

The following excerpt is entirely fictional and the characters are in no way linked to anyone in real life. Should there by any resemblance, it is entirely coincidental and not be taken seriously.

“I know you are stalking me and have planted ‘spies’ in my friends list on facebook. Now I don’t know who on my list genuinely wants to know what’s going on in my life and who is monitoring my statuses for ‘making the wrong move’.

Rest assured, I am waiting for you to make the wrong move too. Since I won’t pick up your calls (no forms of recorded evidence), I can only choose to communicate with you this way, where everything is well recorded and cached.

You have convinced the whole world I am the villain but those who still see know I am not.

You have, in your hands, your daughter’s social circle free to manipulate in your own hands.

You have played the victim long enough and accused me too much for me to stand down from your … psychopathy anymore.

I will fight. I will carry on fighting till my very last breath. I do so not for the ‘love’ you despise but justice for the crimes you committed.

You turned blind to your daughter’s cries for help and also facilitated your most trusted ‘God-son’ in trampling over her dignity as a human being.

You attempted to murder your own daughter, flesh and blood, in the car by taking advantage of her trust in you. Empty threat or not, the fact you attempted to do it is enough to taint your intentions.

You convinced everyone around her she is being manipulated when you are the puppet master stringing your influence over everyone.

She have suffered under your psychopathic tyranny long enough and I am her liberator.

I remember every word you breathed the first time you drove me away.

You said a woman’s dignity and reputation is very important – yet you are the one destroying her reputation over and over again and facilitated her dignity being trampled over. This confused her, for at that moment, she believed in her own  parent. Eventually, she lost self esteem and degenerated into depression which you failed to recognise.

You said our relationship will not last with your 3 decades of working experience – yet I am here to tell you, with my experience of 2 decades of family conflicts, you will not stand long in this fight. You also threatened me with your connections; who I am unsuccessful in tracking down but have witnessed their … capabilities.

You said you don’t like to do bad things for you believe in retribution, karma – yet you carried on committing morality crimes, in the guise of care, for your own selfish believes.

I am here to tell you, I am your karma and I will see to it that you pay for every deed; good or bad, before your passing.

Let me pause here by telling you why I am so persistent with your daughter in case you carry on making an ‘ass out of u n me’ through your … assumptions.

I am not the first and definitely not the last guy you have and will be chasing away. If I left her now in fears of your threats, she would sink deeper into depression and low self esteem. God knows what other sort of hell you would put her through. That responsibility is too heavy for me to carry.

Your daughter and I, we are both one of a kind. You claim to know your daughter as if she was just born yet sadly, you didn’t realise how much she grew and carry on suppressing her potential with your … psychopathic nonsense. God knows what other guys you would bring in to destroy her even further.

I have given my best to stitch back your relationship with her yet time over time, you carry on stomping on my tail with no hints of remorse. The only conclusion I can make is that I am an idiot. I sincerely wished your family well yet you cunningly took advantage of the situation to pry us apart.

Countless times you attempted to pry us apart yet failed and I can assure you, you will never succeed (sounds familiar? That’s what you told me too!). Let me tell you why:

You are blind. You mistook a demon for an angel and let him trample over your daughter’s dignity all in the name of what? Wealth, reputation and greed. You have a bad marriage? You settle it yourself; don’t take away your daughter’s happiness for your own shallow ideals.

You are contradicting. Years ago, you drove her and a guy apart. Now, you desperately try to get him back with heavenly praises when years ago you regarded him as nothing more than a pest like I am to you now. Best still, his close working partner dispelled all your praises to him saying he’s the kind who ‘doesn’t care’ which brings you back to the first point – you are blind.

You are void. For years you treated your children with that ‘patronizing voice’ you brought home from work. As a sales staff, I expected no less from you yet it was your daughter, who snapped me out of your hypnotising voice; surprise, surprise.

Now, I shall sign off by listing what I have given here that you didn’t. I know, because of your bad marriage you deny and despise the existence ‘love’ thus I shall avoid using ‘love’ as much as possible for I know, there was once you believed in love and that believe was betrayed by the one you married.

I have taught her the survival skills which you failed to impart.

I have given her my most sincere and honest concerns which you failed to give.

I have walked her out of the hell hole which you put her in.

What have you done for her? What good have you done aside from making her life worse the moment we were together? What make

I am done being accused by you.

I am done being trampled by you over and over again.

I am done trying to convince you that I carry no evil intentions.

– Signing off –

Your daughter’s boyfriend.”

RSE: Everyday Athlete and site updates

As the exams draw near fond memories of school days start bubbling inside. If there’s one thing I miss most about school, it got to be the 100M sprint competition I partake 6.30 in the morning for the bus. My trophy? not being booked by school prefects for being late and avoid detention.


School vacation is coming soon for us Poly students but work is only starting for me when vacation starts. Thus I have to hold off all posting of new chapters till January. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming in January as zookeeper is facing his finals in a few chapter’s time.

In the mean time, UnkerStories have set foot into Twitter (I discovered facebook’s way of keeping up with feeds is somewhat inefficient) so here’s a more convenient platform, Twitter!

So if you’d like to see Unker Stories for convenience in catching updates. Do drop me an email (unkerstories[at] and I’d see about it.

Currently I’m working on contents other than my own fictional works. After all, Unker Stories isn’t just about stories written by me but sharing of other ‘stories’ as well. Due to the lack of time to write a proper chapter (I am still writing, just not fiction at the moment) I’d put up Random Thoughts Journal and Review posts (of other works) following the schedule of Tuesday for Reviews and Sundays for Random Thoughts Journal.