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About Unker Stories

The site:

Unker Stories is a collection of fictional works authored by Zich or other people. This website serves to collect and promote fictional works and any other forms of art. Critiques and Comments welcomed.

The Author:

Zich (pen name) have been writing fiction since year 2000. He started without a good grasp of the English language yet received warm support from his classmates which motivated and sparked his writing life.

Having traveled the longer route in life, he attained a perspective different from others which disagrees with most mainstream people. Thus fiction became the only channel for him to voice his thoughts and philosophies.

Philosophy and Style:

Throughout his writing life, many have questioned the topics he discussed and the presentation style.

For one, the stories heavily lacks details; this is to lessen the tax on readers’ imagination and to give freedom in visualising the fictional characters.

Secondly, the stories lack background details; again, this is to reflect the reality that we don’t get to delve into the stories of everyone we meet, thus the lack of information.

Lastly, the topics discussed may be of morally questionable nature however the author just wishes to portray reality ‘as-is’ for readers to think and judge for themselves.

The author strongly believes that if he portrays these ‘morally questionable’ stories into ‘straightforward lessons’ where the intend to educate positively is clear, it would turn into spoon feeding whereby the readers would have less space to think for themselves.


The sole purpose of the Author’s writing is to Educate (through reality reflection) and Entertain and not mislead readers to any wrong doings or committing morally questionable deeds. 

Throughout his lifetime, Zich have met many people who are ignorant or unaware of certain topics which they so confidently preach or assume facts which are false. Thus birthed his Style and Philosophy to portray certain realities ‘as-is’ to let people see a different side of issues which they may have never considered.

Unker Stories

Sick and tired of ‘Grandfather’s Stories?’

Come, let Unker share some of his own – less history, more present and perhaps a little future, out of this world maybe, to keep you entertained.

Uncle – a familiar title or term of address for any elderly man.

Younker – a youngster.

(source: dictionary.com)

Unker – A youngster who resembles an elderly man.

(source: self created)

For years I’ve been mistaken as an ‘uncle’  from the way I dress yet at the same time I am young at heart. With a little imagination and combination, I merged both ‘Uncle’ and ‘Younker’ into a single word that represents me well.

Young at heart yet seen more than my peers, mainly through others’ eyes, I turn them into fiction to share with others what I’ve seen over the years and let readers decide for themselves whether certain things are acceptable.


Unker Stories mascot

This crystal cat was a birthday gift from mother who rarely gifted because I disliked celebrating birthdays. Nevertheless she bought it knowing I am crazy over cats.

While scratching my head over using what to represent " Unker Stories", the idea of using the crystal cat came in. However, the scarf was transparent thus I used black in contrast with the white background to present a cat with black scarf.