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Posting a draft for Friday

Haven’t been posting any writings for a long time because I kept changing the direction for 9 Lives of Eril for a more realistic approach.

That and I have been busy with Phantasy Star Online 2 SEA which – was used for the base on reviving another story idea derived many years ago.

Back in the days of .Hack\\, if anyone still remembers that anime, an idea was conceived to set in the modern world with an online game as base for a story but it was never posted because I couldn’t get it right. But the ideas has always been there and ten years later the details began to solidify thus I had to write it down before it fades away.

Below is a preview of the opening and perhaps I’d try to finish up the first chapter so readers can have a better overview of what’s going on.

“Part 4 – Untitled” (Because I can’t think of a better name yet)

“Arty? Arty!” Valia yelled.

“Huh …?” Artemis rubbed her eyes wearily, last few nights had not treated her kindly.

“What time did you sleep last night?” The voice had hands that pressed on her desk demanded an answer.

She rubbed her eyes again, waiting for her brain to formulate an answer. When it didn’t, she massaged the rest of her face. Still no answer. The information you were trying to retrieve is not found. 404 not found. Nada.

This just pissed off Valia more than usual and she couldn’t comprehend why?

“Arty, damn it! This is the seventh day since you met him and you haven’t sobered up since!”

Him?” She thought. Ah, Rogeries, no wait, that was his in-game name. His real name is Brye, the transfer student who roped her into playing the most popular MMORPG in the region which didn’t amuse Valia one bit because she doesn’t game.

“I’m right aren’t I? You’ve been ‘questing‘ with Brye all night again.” The word tasted of disgust in her mouth.

Artemis groaned, “He quit at the strike of 12a.m – Cinderella Syndrome. Aira wanted to carry on so I companied her.”

“Ah,” That seemed to satisfy Valia somewhat. Aira didn’t need to sleep, didn’t even need to eat – she was just an artificial intelligence!

Valia dug into Artemis’ backpack, took out a hand held gaming console, pushed a button and summoned a screen that boot up to some complicated menus which only Artemis knew how to navigate.

AIRA!” She yelled into the console.

This woke Artemis up entirely, she snatched the console back from her friend and frowned, “You can’t talk to Aira without internet connection and I refuse to let you scold her.”

“Fine,” Valia folded her arms. “At least check your calendar.”

And she didn’t even need the gadget to tell her that she screwed up.


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