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eBook vs Books

The old age argument about how books are much more superior than ebooks always pops out when there’s a discussion on eBooks. While it is true that eBooks in price are not significantly lesser than their physical counterpart (for obvious reasons) and that eBooks can never replicate that page flipping feel or that musty smell of books stored for extended periods of time, eBooks aren’t necessary inferior to physical prints neither are they superior.

Having owned an eBook myself for a couple of years, I can only say both formats target very different audiences with different needs, so both camps of supporters should just reign in their opinions to accept that both formats are just different.

While eBook companies are advertising how convenient the e-format is, it’s only understandable that they do so because its business. To us as a consumer, it’s more of what works for you and what doesn’t.

I’m not an avid reader to begin with but I do enjoy good books from Tom Holt or Raymond E. Feist; the times I spent getting lost in their world. While I do enjoy and treasure that book flipping experience and occasionally sniffing the book scent, it became increasingly impractical someone with inconsistent reading habits like me.

For one, I read only when I have time and free time is a very rare thing to come by nowadays. Sometimes I stop in-between a chapter and stop altogether for a few months. In between this time, I have a tendency to lose my bookmark and it’s a very turn-off thing for me.

Secondly, I tend to read in times where light it’s not readily available. Of course, one can argue that there’s mini torches that clip onto your pages – book light – but it doesn’t illuminate the entire page properly and evenly; if it works for you, it works, but not for me. And also, because I’m sleeping with my partner, the light can be quite disruptive to her sleep at night. As again, because of my reading habits, I don’t always wake up in the middle of the night to read so when I want to, I can’t remember where I last placed the book light.

Lastly, and the tipping point for me to jump to eBooks is space. As physical space shrinks over time (how is it possible you ask? It is when you’re not living alone in a space designed for 1 person), it becomes increasingly hard to store books or find them after every book sale I come home from; it’s a huge headache when you’re not rich enough to afford a huge space. On the other hand, I can afford digital space but only because eBooks don’t take up so much space – a thick paperback is less than 1mb in size and we all know how cheap 1mb is nowadays – and it just fits into my life nicely.

This post is not about which format is more superior that the other but rather to prove that it’s more about suitability rather than superiority.

To address one of the oldest argument of all “try bringing an eBook to camping” – I don’t like to do camping so that’s kind of invalid. What about running out of battery? I can’t remember when was the last time I gave my Kobo Glo a full charge, honesty. Yes I hardly use it but even so, for that kind of battery retention it’s pretty impressive.

Of course among eBook users there’s another argument of why should we spend money into a eReader? Well, that’s another discussion for another time.

If you live in Singapore as is looking for alternative eReaders like Kobo or Onyx do check out https://zoeblogshop.wordpress.com/.

P.S I’m not paid to write this but Kobo has improved my literature life significantly over the two years which I owned one and felt like I should write this to share my experience.

Before making purchase I also had my reservations on durability, battery life and such all of those concerns became insignificant when the product itself lasted the test of time.


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