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9 Lives of Eril chapter 1 re-write

Just as I was running through the new draft for 9 Lives of Eril I thought of changing to a friendlier platform for better outreach of audiences and then I found wattpad which seems like a very interesting site to settle down on. I’d probably migrate from fictionpress but that would that some time. Besides, I still need to monitor for a moment if uploading of new chapters is friendly enough on wattpad.

In the mean time, here’s the re-write of 9 Lives of Eril. 

Why the re-write?

Since the first chapter uploaded in April the idea of Eril has been bugging me day and night and especially when I went to chapter 3 things didn’t quite make sense any more. That was due to a lack of details when I first wrote this so I went back to the storyboard, scrapped everything, get the back story in order and then let it flow out again.

Things weren’t easy at this moment as my job was slowly killing me on the inside and I was struggling to breathe. But then when I finally quit in October (which is like last month), I begun to have more time which I didn’t know what to do with, so I went back and reworked chapter 2. The result was fascinating; even my soul mate gave me the thumbs up so I decided to rework chapter 1 as well.

That said, Chapter 2 isn’t completed reworking yet as at the same time I’m also toying with the idea of the reworked “EOS” which spawned this little side project “9 Lives of Eril”. The purpose of this side project served a prequel to the main story as well as character development as writing this involved much less research than the originally intended main story that will be taking place in a fictional kingdom based on the Malay peninsula – which is going to require some planning and research to get the details right.

But writing is supposed to be relaxing right?


That’s why I also started another mini project for character development short story called “7 a.m” for Schzool characters to prepare writing for the prequel and sequel for Schzool.


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