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Where to buy a Kobo reader in Singapore?

***Update 05 January 2016***

As alerted by a reader, Zoeblogshop has, unfortunately, been taken down. In the mean time if anyone still wishes to get a kobo eReader, you might have to try googling an alternative reseller.


Buy from here –> http://zoeblogshop.wordpress.com/ 

I’m not going to start advocating how great Kobo is and this is definitely not going to start a debate of which eReader on the market is the “best” because even the greatest gadget has its flaws and Kobo is not immune to that.

There are plenty of review sites out there for Kobo (and its technical specs) and since I just bought it I can’t possibly write up a fair review on how good or bad this product is.

I am, however, going to recommend a place where you can buy a Kobo in Singapore. Local retailers aren’t carrying this product so the only way for one to get a Kobo over here is through online stores, auction sites or blog shops.

When I first discovered Kobo (which at that time was the release of Kobo Glo, the updated hardware) I searched high and low to find one. To my disappointment, the only online retailers were selling them close to 300 SGD (at the time of release) which was way out of budget for a black and white device (even if it’s e-Ink).

The next option would be MO (mass orders through certain forums but 1. eReaders aren’t mainstream here and 2. You’d never know when someone starts MO-ing for something like this. So I gave up.

As the itch to own an eReader (my eyes hate glare from LCD screens even though nowadays glare is minimised) grew unbearable, I began seeking out alternatives, I stumbled upon two sites which were selling Kobo Glo for under 200 SGD.

One was an online retailer which carries a range of eReaders, the other a blogshop selling only Kobo. Naturally I had more faith in an online retailer than a blogshop but after struggling to buy something from the site (which is supposed to be fast and convenient but this wasn’t) I turned to the blogshop instead.

Blogshops, to me, has always been something akin to Sim Lim Square (in its finest days) and so I’d avoid them unless they are credible or recommended by a friend. Sadly none of my friends even bother with eReaders.

Since this blogshop I stumbled upon accepts cash on delivery, I thought, why not give it a shot? Since advanced payment is not a must (unless you’re ordering by mail), there are plenty of chances to bail if something seems wrong.

So I sent the seller an email and got a reply in less than an hour, and within 3 hours (subjected to the seller’s availability of course), I’m a happy owner of a brand new Kobo Glo.

Fast, responsive and honest seller and definitely highly recommended. These words sound familiar? They’re definitely easy to write so I’m going to post some photos below to convince you why you should buy from this blogshop if you want a Kobo (and if you live in Singapore of course). If you’re worrying about the place to deal, location is flexible and has to be accessible and needless to say subjected to seller’s terms as clearly stated in the blog.

How I received the goods (nice paper bag):


The full package (Sealed Box, receipt for returns and the leather case that’d cost you extra 20 SGD and totally optional)

Note: I’m not an expert in genuine leather but this casing is definitely the ‘feels-nice-in-your-hands’ leather.


The condition of the device when opened.


P.S No one is paying me to stay up in the middle of the night to write this post and I have a day job in a few hours too but this seller deserves a big ‘thank you’ for such good service that I had to stay up to finish this.


8 thoughts on “Where to buy a Kobo reader in Singapore?

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    • No problem, it’s been 2 years now and it’s still working great! Although I have to say when I first bought Kobo Glo it was quite rough with all the page lags until all the firmware updates came in.

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