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Surprise BUT … er Update.

This had been a pretty tough week for me keeping things together between family and work. It’s taking a toll on my mind-body well being but it also got my gears moving. With the new phone and data plan, I stored everything online and edited when I’m eating, waiting for the bus or sleeping on the train. Yeah, I fell asleep on the train doing all the editing and writing but it’s all worth it.

Here’s a quick list out –

31. Chalet – Yay ~! It’s a Schzool Chalet! That means fun, food and lots of get-together moments! But … no one planned what to do and there’s no food.

32. Times of fun – After an argument erupts, the group finally decided on something to do but none of them suits Zookeeper.

33. Haunted seas – Tandoori and Zookeeper sets out on a boating trip alone and didn’t return. It’s up to Rat to bring them back.

34. Dream of dreams – being rescued from the disaster Zookeeper tries to recall what happened previously.

35. Recovery – No one is talking about whatever happened in the sea but that isn’t curbing the burning curiosity of Zookeeper.

36. Graduation day – Everyone’s graduating! But is everyone going to the same school?

37. Paper chase – After a freak accident Zookeep finds himself in the hospital, again.

38. Polytechnic dreams – While everyone enrolled in their dream school, Zookeeper could only mope but Tandoori believes there was still hope.

39. School leaver – Last chapter of Schzool, no spoilers!


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