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New chapters uploaded!

It’s bad to keep people waiting for too long and moreover it’s been two weeks since I announced on facebook that all chapters were completed and all that was left was editing. As an apology to all readers waiting for the remaining chapters of Schzool, here is an update containing multiple updates which is bringing us closer to the end of the story.


26. Dining out – where to go in an outing? EAT ~!

27. Eating etiquette – yes, different cultures have their own dining etiquette but Schzool have their own unique way of eating … well, not really. This chapter is more of what happens over the dining table.

28. Movie outing – what to do after eating? MOVIES ~ ! Very mainstream yes I agree but this is what Schzool is all about – non-mainstream people doing mainstream things.

29. Oh, the horror – by popular votes, a genre was chosen, tickets were bought but Zookeeper is nowhere near escalated for the movie they were catching well, isn’t something Zookeeper can stomach. (Spoiler: No, it’s not a gore movie).

30. Private time – Tandoori and Zookeeper gets a bit of private time together during the movie outing … hmm …

31. Chalet – Yay ~! It’s a Schzool Chalet! That means fun, food and lots of get-together moments! But … no one planned what to do and there’s no food.

32. Times of fun – After an argument erupts, the group finally decided on something to do but none of them suits Zookeeper.

33. Haunted seas – Tandoori and Zookeeper sets out on a boating trip alone and didn’t return. It’s up to Rat to bring them back.

34. Dream of dreams – being rescued from the disaster Zookeeper tries to recall what happened previously

35. Recovery – No one is talking about whatever happened in the sea but that isn’t curbing the burning curiosity of Zookeeper.

36. Graduation day – Everyone’s graduating! But is everyone going to the same school?

37. Paper chase – After a freak accident Zookeep finds himself in the hospital, again.

38. Polytechnic dreams – While everyone enrolled in their dream school, Zookeeper could only mope but Tandoori believes there was still hope. 

39. School leaver – Last chapter of Schzool, no spoilers!


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