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Hardly any time …

It’s kind of sad that in certain areas of the industry overworking is a norm which eventually results in high turn over rates in a company. Perhaps if one’s passion is in the industry itself, that wouldn’t have been a big issue at all but for someone like me, it’s obstructing the 101 things on my list to complete.

Before work started for me, I’ve read plenty of writing advice and some of which said something along the lines of no matter how busy you are, there will be time to write. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way all the time. If work has already drained too much out of you to the state of health being compromised, how is it possible one is still able to write?

It is, only if one is one of the few who sleeps little and work more. I happened to meet a few of these people during different workplaces and sadly, attempts of mimicking their lifestyles usually land me in failure. That is probably why they are the upper management while I’m just another worker.

Schzool is 1.5 chapters away from completion and if you can’t get enough of Zookeeper and Tandoori, sorry to say the later years of Schzool isn’t going to be written anytime soon. It’s long overdue yes, but really, I’m merely human, just human and not any sort of special human.

In other news, yes, the current facebook page is a little screwed up at the moment, actually it has been like that for the past few months, that’s because I blocked my personal profile for personal reasons which isn’t going to be revealed. What will be done about it? The initial plan is to build another site from scratch, host it and link it to another account which will be purely used for publishing posts and nothing else. This site will have shared content with Nurvy, a collaboration to bring non-mainstream on content to the mainstream society.

BUUUUUUUUT – (with a single ‘T’) This idea lacks a solid foundation to flourish into reality yet. For one, there is no general direction, for two, neither of us are designers of any sort, for three, well, for three, without a proper direction, there is no where to start.

Hopefully, this will change along the way.


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