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Schzool story updates

Well, as promised, I’ve transferred the files to my pc and here is what was written –


25. Schzool outing – what is a story about school life without an outing?

26. Dining out – where to go in an outing? EAT ~!

27. Eating etiquette – yes, different cultures have their own dining etiquette but Schzool have their own unique way of eating … well, not really. This chapter is more of what happens over the dining table.

28. Movie outing – what to do after eating? MOVIES ~ ! Very mainstream yes I agree but this is what Schzool is all about – non-mainstream people doing mainstream things.

29. Cinemas – by popular votes, a genre was chosen, tickets were bought but Zookeeper is nowhere near escalated for the movie they were catching well, isn’t something Zookeeper can stomach. (Spoiler: No, it’s not a gore movie).

This chapter is still writing at the point of this writing, of course you do understand this post wasn’t written on a Friday. At this time of the day I might be still working so there is no way I could’ve wrote something like this so quickly.

Following Chapter 29 –

??. Chalet – Schzool goes to a chalet! BBQ! Ball games! Cycling! Well, sorry no sun and beach or adventures; when you’re on a tight budget, the simple things in life count.

Since chapter 29 isn’t finished yet I can’t predict which chapter Chalet belongs to but this Chapter, has already been written. It is just waiting to have a proper chapter to link up with.

Well, that’s all for now ~ !

I do plan on releasing them after I have a steady buffer or once it’s completed to not disappoint readers with ‘I’m coming up with a chapter soon’ again. Working nearly 12 hours everyday does take a toll on the body. Moreover, nearly 12 hours is merely the time spent at work; travelling is another issue altogether.

Surely I’m not the one having the most hectic schedule out there but my body has taken quite a bit of beating since 2 years ago when everything went downhill. Right now it is merely reacting to the stress levels I had to put it through.

Nevertheless, I’m going to keep on writing till a day I stop breathing.


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