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Schzool is still on-going

Apparently Cheese for thought isn’t going to manifest itself into reality anytime soon. In fact, it might not even exist at all! So much for ‘cheese takes time to ferment’ huh?

Ever since my new (and first permanent) job started, I have to work nearly 12 hours every day, leaving very little of me left at the end of the day and at the end of the week. From struggling to get a job to struggling on the job, life sure has taken on an interesting sets of twists and turns. So interesting I wanted to pen them down but with no direction or plot.

Followers of Schzool need not worry because it is still on-going I promise! Why so? Because I’m living with someone who is a fan of Schzool and one who is motivating me to write. People who like Schzool at most give me a pat on the back for a job well done when they see me in real life, hardly any encouragement online (I’m not complaining) but she on the other hand, feedbacks with her most honest emotion when I see her every night (which is usually positive).

So, in a way, writing Schzool has somewhat of an incentive waiting for me thus whenever I can, I’d whip out a phone to write.

Yes a phone. A phone with qwerty keyboard – best of all, it came free with my phone plan, which happens to be the lowest. I tried writing with a phone without qwerty years ago and gave up within less than 5 minutes; it was plain torture.

Anyways, I’m going to transfer all the files to my pc now and I shall post an update on Schzool’s progress.

In the mean time, Happy Valentine’s Day to all loving couples out there!

And for those who are ‘Forever Alone’, sit back, relax, enjoy your day and live your life out. Or, go hang out with other ‘Forever Alone’ people and be ‘Together Alone’. I used to do that and it works wonders =)


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