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Merry Christmas everyone

Here’s an early Merry Christmas to all of you out there reading this. The site has been left alone for quite sometime; long story short – I was job hunting and yes, Schzool is in the writing and will be back before this year ends.

Now here’s the looong story – for those who have been keeping up with current affairs would know that there are a lot of things happening and in the line I’m heading into – engineering, production – isn’t exactly the brightest place to be in unless I’m living in China.

So there lies the problem of job seeking when I’m no more than a fresh graduate while companies are seeking people with experience. Weeks of browsing job search websites and sending in resumes with hopes of replies can be a very demoralising experience. And that is probably why the elders advise the young ones to apply before they even graduate.

Sadly, that doesn’t apply to me. During my final semester there were a lot of uncertainties especially with subjects I’m not confident to pass (which I did) and final year project which was stalled and screwed in the process. On top of that, I had to attend reservist immediately after my last exam  paper.

I told myself to write an update Schzool if I make it alive back to civilisation. I did but that wasn’t where the story ends. There is a certain conflict (which I am not at the liberty to reveal) between me and my soul mate’s family; some would say we’re star crossed lovers but I’m not a romanticist so I’d say we were simply thrown into unfortunate circumstances.

Of course, thankfully the matter is resolved after I was done with military matters. Unlike stories or fairy tales, everyone didn’t live happily after; not yet anyway. There was still the resolution phase which we are going through and that alone do take up quite a lot of time.

With all that happening, I could hardly find time to sit down and write. Read, yes, I borrowed plenty of books from the library to read to keep things off my mind before it blows up within. After all that has happened, I discovered I’m a pretty angry person. Angry but not aggressive; I hope a job and more writing can help.


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