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Last update for sometime

Here’s the concluding chapter for Schzool’s open house visit. Currently the plan is to conclude the whole story with another three chapters of class outing or any extras I might think of.

All the delays since last Friday or two last Fridays ago was caused by an(other) unfortunate turn in my project which would determine a lot of things like how long more I would more would I get to enjoy this institution’s facilities, how attractive my resume would look to my prospective employers and how much weight would I gain through all these never-ending stressful revelations.

Of course, if you haven’t caught the humour yet (which probably doesn’t have much), all of those mentioned doesn’t matter so long I fulfil my purpose AND facilitates the handover to the next batch who would be improving whatever we’ve done now. Like I was telling my soul-mate

“This project could’ve been completed sometime ago if not for my itchy hand to add on new features. It doesn’t make sense not to add them in like Chicken rice without chicken rice flavouring but we were never programming trained to begin with.”

Ah well, due to that I’d have to, unfortunately, take another 1month to 2months break and (hopefully) come back with more stories to post.

P.S There are actually drafts of novels which I’ve read to de-stress but project work suck up so much of my time I kept missing the day so I decided to just reserve them when Unker Stories opens again.


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