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Review: Metal Gear Solid: Sons of liberty

Is this according to simulation too?


2 years after the shadow moses incident (metal gear solid 1), Snake investigates a tanker rumoured to be carrying a new range of metal gear machines called ‘Ray’. The mission went wrong and the tanker was sunk, since then it was covered up as terrorist action and a clean up facility called ‘Big Shell’ was built to clean up the oil.

2 years later a young man carrying the code name ‘solid snake’ infiltrated the big shell to stop another group of terrorist taking over the facility. His code name was later changed to Raiden when the mission started and with a newly assembled Fox Hound led by colonel Cambell, a mission of a new generation embarks.

And of course, everything goes extremely wrong.


If you’re looking for some Tom Clancy-like espionage action then it’s best to leave this book alone. The story of metal gear itself isn’t easily appreciated unless you’ve played the game itself. Like the previous novel, Raymond Benson stuck closely to the original plot making it a good book to relive those moments in game.

But of course, if you didn’t had a chance to play the game this book is worth the read too.

The theme in Sons of Liberty is ‘virtual simulation’. Modern soldiers are trained with virtual programs but are they good enough to handle the job? Other topics of modern society are also explored which sets the whole story in a surreal environment that may be too abstract for some to appreciate.

Oh and for more Raiden action in video games, do check out Metal Gear Solid: Rising


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