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Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

“A long time ago, firemen put out fires.”

A book about censorship, fast living lifestyle and the consequences behind.


Guy Montag was a firemen whose job was to start fires; more specifically, burning books. He enjoyed it and never felt wrong in taking pleasure to see books overwhelmed by fire and erode into ashes. One day, he ran into a curious 17 year old girl who revealed a different world to him, of a past that contradicts the present, of things that people don’t do nowadays.

Thus sparked a demon within him to sought out the meaning behind the books he burnt while he began feeling disgusted at what he thought was normal within the society.


Considering the age of this book, since 1950, the writing was rather abstract to digest. After reading modern bestsellers which usually have fast moving details, this book concentrates on the slow, to preserve every detail, every essence of the fictional world. That was probably what made this book a classic.

Ray Bradbury created a world where houses were fireproofed and the jobs of firemen were to set fires to books – something people don’t read anymore. With books, there came conflicts, disagreement of ideas, sorrow. Thus they had to be burnt to keep the mass happy and not be bothered by these meaningless things.

Eventually reading was banned, books were banished, possession of any books was a crime and deserved to be burned … and no one else cared.

If you liked George Owell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, you’d come to appreciate this masterpiece too.

And please, should the book have any disagreements with you or cause you any discomfort, don’t burn it.


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