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Review: Metal Gear Solid

Having survived disappointing adaptations, I picked up this book without much expectations but ended with much joy.

What is in this book

Members of an ex government agency took over a nuclear disposal facility and are making demands the government won’t give in. Solid Snake, a retired covert ops, is called in by the Colonel who is most familiar with this agency and Snake’s ex superior. They survived two major missions previously and there was no one else he could trust better than Snake.

But of course, that’s what the government wanted them to believe.

As Snake infiltrates the base, he discovers the dirty secrets hidden behind this mission.

What I think about this book

Just like ‘Splinter Cell’, Benson captured the wry humour of Snake and portrayed it as is. Some of the dialogues were recycled from the game but there are new ones to company. In the novelised version we get into Snake’s inner mind, clearly explaining the things he do instead of packing with action only like the game.

This novel also explores a bit into Snake’s world with the characters which makes it interesting to read for fans. Best of all, Benson kept the plot as close as the original game as possible, making this a loyal adaptation to the original Metal Gear Solid game.

The only thing you won’t find in this book is Snake’s in-game magic to store bulky equipment and run like he’s carrying nothing.


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