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Just a little while more

Well, Rome wasn’t built in one day; so is this site. Blogging experts may disagree with such convenience at our fingertips but I’m no expert in blogging or writing so I’m going to take a little more time to stock up my arsenal with more writings before returning with a blast.

The “Unker Agony” phase has calmed significantly with improved situation and it’s one of those passing phases in life. Nonetheless, the phase passed so we should let the past go right? Not when you know it’s going to return sometime in the future – thus birthed the need to neutralise opinions or drives that blinds people’s eyes to consequences.

There’s a Chinese saying that says “troubles originate from the mouth” and there is also an English saying “fight fire with fire”. With all the humanity laws in place, weapons are no longer an effective way to solve problems – the mouth is.

Many thanks to all who check back regularly for updates and thanks to Ryan who allowed me to yell across the school to vent my anger and tear in front of him. I’ve never felt this upset since puberty.

I feel I am a responsible person; or at least I’m devoted to responsibilities of main priorities in life. And I feel I should share this sense of responsibility with those who are irresponsible with words by living up to their expectations; that is, accusations which are untrue. But since they like to think of me as such, shouldn’t I do them a favour and satisfy their fantasies?

In the mean time, for those who enjoy stalking people’s personal lives, I have set up a personal blog and will be up after I’m done coming up with a more suitable name than ‘Unker Agony’, no, that isn’t going to work out.


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