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Unker Agony: Break time once more

I apologise for another missed update on Friday due to certain personal issues. Story updates will take another month or two’s time while I put down my pen and carry the less mighty sword to neutralise the distractions and threats to my ability to write.

That doesn’t include:




But it includes:

Opinionated people

Devious and opinionated people

Anal retentive, devious and opinionated people

Sometimes I have to sigh at why opinionated people can’t just put down their prejudices and look at things at a wider perspectives? Why can’t we just accept that we have different ways of doing things that simply doesn’t agree with each other? Why can’t we just leave each other alone to our demise instead of trotting over each other’s foot over and over again?

I know why – it’s because the pest control company in Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors doesn’t exist!

Ah well, guess we all have to look for alternatives when dealing with our demons. 


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