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Review: Anasi Boys

The Tiger is the most powerful and fearsome of them all but the Spider is the cleverest. Spider loves to play tricks and he played tricks on all, Tiger wasn’t spared. In the end, Tiger was humiliated so by Spider’s trick he hid in a cave, too embarrassed to leave.


(Fat) Charlie Nancy is a man with no ambition nor guts to do anything a.k.a loser. In the event of his father’s death, full of grief, he was visited by his blood brother, Spider, whom he have no knowledge of. Sceptical of this ‘reunion’, he asks him to leave but Spider forced his way in with Magic.

Spider believes their father isn’t dead, he can’t be for he is a God. How can a God die? So he stayed around to find out whilst meddling in Charlie’s life by impersonating him with charm magic. He needed no disguise as the charm was so strong people thought he was Charlie in person.


This is actually a spin off from American Gods having events taking place after Shadow’s departure. And like American Gods, you can expect the same humour in this novel except on a smaller scale. This is about Charlie’s life; a nobody trying to get through life (and his future mother in law); so the ‘grand’ feeling (of having so many big figures involved in one story) is absent, nonetheless the Neil Gaiman feeling will always be there.


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