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Update: New chapter of Schzool

is .. UP! You can read it here.

Here you go, the holiday surprise for Labour Day. Juan and Coco will return next Sunday for more quirky moments, do check back here for more updates!

Today’s chapter is about educational system and something most of us non elites (normal academic students) went through. Express students can argue they aren’t really elites either but Normal students have to go through an extra year of education so there.

It’s pretty common to hear Express students demeaning themselves of their capabilities because they are borderline or worse student in class but hey, that’s 365 days less as compared to a Normal student so appreciate it instead believing you’re not well off academically; you are.

For Normal students, a year extra doesn’t mean you’re any worse off. Stuck in between yes but that only means you’re paying a year more school fees which, unless you’re in a private school, is pretty affordable.

There’s nothing much to say to Normal Technical students since they only have 4 years and ITE is pretty decent nowadays so long effort is put in.

Having spent 6 years in secondary school (as opposed to 5) and 2 years in ITE, I can only say appreciate whatever shorter paths we have in the current educational system and study within your means instead of comparing yourself with the world all the time.

This society is competitive yes but it’s not the end of the world when you aren’t as good any everyone else.


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