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Review: American Gods

Where old beliefs of Gods live in the modern world of technology, American Gods is just that – Gods brought over by immigrants, forgotten by their children.


Shadow was released from jail. Jobless and a widower, he ran into a man (or rather, the man ran into him) who calls himself ‘Mr Wednesday’ who offered him a job of being his bodyguard. Under his lead, Shadow met strange acquaintances of Wednesday’s who claim to be mythical creatures (and old Gods) and enemies who claimed to be the new Gods.

Immigrants of the past brought their beliefs over to new land; forgotten by the new generation the old ones fade. Mr Wednesday, as the old God, sought out to the other old ones to fight against the new before they themselves are eradicated and replaced.

Shadow, as a mere human, is dragged into this impending war only as a guard to Wednesday.


This book is one topic heavy on many subjects such as sexuality, religions and modern day obsessions. It is definitely not for the light hearted and great for anyone who can stomach it. Also, the story covers a wide region of Gods which people who are interested in mythology would find this interesting too. The new Gods are the interpretation of people’s obsessions in the modern world and is, in a way, driving the old Gods out of the country,

If the forgotten Gods and Demons walk the Earth (specifically America) in flesh, this is definitely one book that tells this story well. If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman (Stardust, The Sandman), this is definitely a must read.


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