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Happy Holidays from Unker Stories!

Happy Holidays everyone who celebrates Good Friday! As such Unker Stories will also take a holiday from today’s supposed entry … actually no. The real reason behind the lack of updates is because of a bad plumbing experience earlier today.

The sink have been cloggy since months ago and I’ve tried solvents, enzymes, clearing rods (snake) and they only worked for a while. This afternoon is clogged up real bad today so I went to the hardware store where another solvent was recommended to me.

This time the clog grew worse. It’s better now but I can’t tell if it’s cleared for good.

Anyways, when the solvent was poured in, the water rose back up – imagine a sink throwing up yellowish liquid; ugly scene – as a desperate measure I tried to remove the pipe’s trap with a pair of plastic gloves.

Now that was when disaster struck.

Hot water is to be used prior to the chemical and the heat made it harder to ‘unscrew’ the trap. But I was desperate so I used all my might to twitch it till waste water dripped. My hand felt weird so I quickly removed the gloves, dumped them and found my hand was contaminated with the anti clog chemicals. It felt gooey and it wouldn’t wash away.

I spent a few hours rinsing my hands with 1 – 5 minutes interval, drying, check if they’re okay and then rinse again.

My hands seem okay now but the little panic I had earlier left me exhausted and a chalked up water bill. Thus, I decided today shall be a rest day in case any other symptoms pop up.


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