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Review: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

“The Apolcalypse has never been funnier.” Clive Barker

And this guy says it best.


The world is ending in a week and the story follows an Angel and Demon through their journey to see through the war between Heaven and Hell initiated by the Antichrist. Having stayed on Earth disguised as humans for millenniums, they aren’t exactly looking forward to this moment having being used to life on Earth.

Through nearly 400 pages, the story travels through the creation, 11 years ago when the Antichrist was born and finally present where Armageddon is only one week away.


Trust Terry Pratchett and Nei Gaiman’s matter-of-fact humour and you’d have a good time laughing your way through the book. Well researched, for one, and a lighter but logical interpretation to historical and religious texts makes the whole book entertaining to read.

If you’re a fan of either authors, even if you aren’t, it’s definitely worth the read if you like ‘end of the world’ stories.

“If you had to go, why not go in style?”

And if the world had to end, why not end with a sense of humour? This novel does.


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