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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

If you’ve watched the movie, it’s time to read the book. If you’ve read the book, it’s time to watch the movie. If you’ve done both, then this post would be meaningless to you (assuming you’re a casual reader).

What this book is about …

In the English village of Wall lies a … wall that forms the boundary of the world as we know it and the world as we fantasize it.

Tristran was in love with the town beauty, Victoria and while walking her home one day after work, he saw a shooting star which he promised to retrieve as a gift, for a kiss or maybe, her hand in marriage. Victoria agreed to it thinking he wouldn’t dare do it and thus begun Tristran’s adventure beyond the town of Wall, through the wall.

The King of Stormhold, beyond Wall, was dying and he had to appoint one of his son as the next King. He then hurls the Power Of Stormhold, a topaz, up into the skies and knocked off a star. Whoever retrieves the fallen star with the topaz shall be the next King.

Deep in the woods 3 ancient witches learnt about the fallen star and seeks to retrieve the heart of the fallen star to regain their youth once more.

Thus begun the search and adventure for this fallen star and whatever they might gain.

What I feel about this book

Stardust is very different from Neil Gaiman’s usual dark style twisted tales. Instead, it’s pretty much fantasy like any other modern fantasy you find out there with a very nice variation. Heart warming at some point, action packed and not forgetting the dark humour; this book is one which fantasy fans might enjoy.

Forget Kingdoms’ politics, forget the apocalyptical demons or war, this novel takes on an innocent perspective which is a reminiscence of the fairy tales we once knew but with enough realism to keep grown ups hooked.


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