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Review: Megatokyo – relax, we know j00

People who’ve read the early chapters of Megatokyo would find the chapters random and sometimes difficult to comprehend due to its dual game/Japanese anime references which most of us are usually either one but as the story progresses, it guarantees a touching storyline that’d keep you hooked on to it.


Piro and Largo are both gamers; one prefers dating SIM while the other is a hard core FPS Gamer. On the fateful day of E3 Gaming Convention, both were denied access regardless of their tricks. Largo, in a fit of anger, stripped danced in a bar and Piro decided they had better leave the country for a while to Japan before Largo does anything worse.

In Japan, Piro connected with his online pal who gladly made his apartment available for them and from there, they lived in Tokyo.


What makes Megatokyo a success is probably, I think, the way the story was drawn in two different perceptions. Largo and Piro both lives in their own world. While Piro is the one who is in reality most of the time (no thanks to dating sim), Largo drowns himself in the futuristic world of zombies, guns and … bigger guns.

At times the line between reality and fantasy is blurred but as the story grows more serious, it turns into a touching story with a unique humour that not only can be appreciated by otakus and gamers but people who have had experiences in this as well.

The full comic can be found on http://www.megatokyo.com/ and it’s available for free!

Although the starting chapters are pretty rough to read, the journey smoothens up as the author takes on a more down to earth storyline rather than making puns and parodies out of gaming and anime.


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