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Updates: Upcoming Random Story Excerpts

Good luck to those taking tests today! Perhaps somewhat late but better late than never! I’m leaving for my paper soon and when I’m back, I’d be posting a story excerpt of my next work in line which discusses about delusional parenting.

Surely, in our minds, especially those who haven’t went through family ordeals, we think ‘parents do things with good in their minds’ and that ‘they are always right’ yet we mustn’t forget that parents are humans too and they make mistakes.

That said, most parents probably want good for their child but some fail to recognise the harm they inflicted on their children as a result of too much love. Insecurities overwhelm, sometimes turns them into tyrants as they lead you to a path they think is best for us.

Yet who can truly judge whether the path is truly for us which path is best for us other than ourselves? Some seek out spiritual fulfilment, some riches while others fame.

As with other things, following anything or anybody blindly will get us nowhere or somewhere we don’t belong. Thus, it is crucial for us to constantly think and muse over the outcomes and consequences and how would any actions affect anyone.

How would you know if you or your parents are the one at fault? Speak to someone more experienced and trustable and analyse the situation yourself. After all, not everything is so black and white; a second opinion is always welcomed.


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