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RSE: Dear parent …

Due to recent events, I am inspired to write a story about delusional parenthood after Schzool is finished. And below is a fictional letter written to the protagonist who is the parent and struggling to keep the family together.

This story is  titled “The lizards, they are watching.”

The following excerpt is entirely fictional and the characters are in no way linked to anyone in real life. Should there by any resemblance, it is entirely coincidental and not be taken seriously.

“I know you are stalking me and have planted ‘spies’ in my friends list on facebook. Now I don’t know who on my list genuinely wants to know what’s going on in my life and who is monitoring my statuses for ‘making the wrong move’.

Rest assured, I am waiting for you to make the wrong move too. Since I won’t pick up your calls (no forms of recorded evidence), I can only choose to communicate with you this way, where everything is well recorded and cached.

You have convinced the whole world I am the villain but those who still see know I am not.

You have, in your hands, your daughter’s social circle free to manipulate in your own hands.

You have played the victim long enough and accused me too much for me to stand down from your … psychopathy anymore.

I will fight. I will carry on fighting till my very last breath. I do so not for the ‘love’ you despise but justice for the crimes you committed.

You turned blind to your daughter’s cries for help and also facilitated your most trusted ‘God-son’ in trampling over her dignity as a human being.

You attempted to murder your own daughter, flesh and blood, in the car by taking advantage of her trust in you. Empty threat or not, the fact you attempted to do it is enough to taint your intentions.

You convinced everyone around her she is being manipulated when you are the puppet master stringing your influence over everyone.

She have suffered under your psychopathic tyranny long enough and I am her liberator.

I remember every word you breathed the first time you drove me away.

You said a woman’s dignity and reputation is very important – yet you are the one destroying her reputation over and over again and facilitated her dignity being trampled over. This confused her, for at that moment, she believed in her own  parent. Eventually, she lost self esteem and degenerated into depression which you failed to recognise.

You said our relationship will not last with your 3 decades of working experience – yet I am here to tell you, with my experience of 2 decades of family conflicts, you will not stand long in this fight. You also threatened me with your connections; who I am unsuccessful in tracking down but have witnessed their … capabilities.

You said you don’t like to do bad things for you believe in retribution, karma – yet you carried on committing morality crimes, in the guise of care, for your own selfish believes.

I am here to tell you, I am your karma and I will see to it that you pay for every deed; good or bad, before your passing.

Let me pause here by telling you why I am so persistent with your daughter in case you carry on making an ‘ass out of u n me’ through your … assumptions.

I am not the first and definitely not the last guy you have and will be chasing away. If I left her now in fears of your threats, she would sink deeper into depression and low self esteem. God knows what other sort of hell you would put her through. That responsibility is too heavy for me to carry.

Your daughter and I, we are both one of a kind. You claim to know your daughter as if she was just born yet sadly, you didn’t realise how much she grew and carry on suppressing her potential with your … psychopathic nonsense. God knows what other guys you would bring in to destroy her even further.

I have given my best to stitch back your relationship with her yet time over time, you carry on stomping on my tail with no hints of remorse. The only conclusion I can make is that I am an idiot. I sincerely wished your family well yet you cunningly took advantage of the situation to pry us apart.

Countless times you attempted to pry us apart yet failed and I can assure you, you will never succeed (sounds familiar? That’s what you told me too!). Let me tell you why:

You are blind. You mistook a demon for an angel and let him trample over your daughter’s dignity all in the name of what? Wealth, reputation and greed. You have a bad marriage? You settle it yourself; don’t take away your daughter’s happiness for your own shallow ideals.

You are contradicting. Years ago, you drove her and a guy apart. Now, you desperately try to get him back with heavenly praises when years ago you regarded him as nothing more than a pest like I am to you now. Best still, his close working partner dispelled all your praises to him saying he’s the kind who ‘doesn’t care’ which brings you back to the first point – you are blind.

You are void. For years you treated your children with that ‘patronizing voice’ you brought home from work. As a sales staff, I expected no less from you yet it was your daughter, who snapped me out of your hypnotising voice; surprise, surprise.

Now, I shall sign off by listing what I have given here that you didn’t. I know, because of your bad marriage you deny and despise the existence ‘love’ thus I shall avoid using ‘love’ as much as possible for I know, there was once you believed in love and that believe was betrayed by the one you married.

I have taught her the survival skills which you failed to impart.

I have given her my most sincere and honest concerns which you failed to give.

I have walked her out of the hell hole which you put her in.

What have you done for her? What good have you done aside from making her life worse the moment we were together? What make

I am done being accused by you.

I am done being trampled by you over and over again.

I am done trying to convince you that I carry no evil intentions.

– Signing off –

Your daughter’s boyfriend.”


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