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Review: Warriors by Erin Hunter

Today I’m reviewing a children’s book. Now before you turn away from this ‘childish’ review; let me say if there’s one reason for you to pick up this book, it has to be the cover (sorry if you’re not a cat lover). INTO THE WILD is the very first book that sparked off the entire warriors series from this to New Prophecy to Power of Three to Omen of the Stars and a whole lot of other side stories.

I stopped at New Prophecy so I can’t say if the story degraded with the series however the original is still worth reading for some meow-some action. As the series’ names implies, this isn’t your typical talking cat novel.


Vivid dreams of the wilderness haunted Rusty the house cat for quite some time. Every time he peers into the dark forest his companion would re tell the stories of fierce cats that resides beyond. One day, Rusty abandoned his old life and took a step forward into the wild where cats feed on the wild and gather in different clans that share the same social system.

Thus begun Rusty’s adventure of a new life with these forest cats.

My thoughts:

I haven’t read ‘I am a cat’ so i can’t judge which of the two is more brilliant. Supposedly I am a cat too, is written in a cat’s perspective.

The novel have left me scratching my head for the most naming part, especially those like ‘twolegs’ and ‘thunderpath’; these new vocabularies were never explained in the novel but that is exactly where it shines – if a cat could speak; that’s how they would describe what they see/hear. (If you haven’t figure out half way through the book, ‘twolegs’ = humans and ‘thunderpath’ = road.)

With a simple plot, Hunter depicted the lives of forest cats (entirely fictional) in complex, systematic groups with accurate descriptions of cat behaviour in real life. This makes up the whole story somewhat believable (despite knowing it’s fantasy) and if you are as absorbed in the story as I was, you will never see a cat the same way again!

P.S ‘Erin Hunter’ is a pen name belonged to 3 collaborative writers who have their fair share of cat-ish experience


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