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Repost: iCat–living with a cat was never easy

Today’s repost is iCat; the story of a cuddly feline who walked into the protagonist’s life and the funny things that happen in-between.

iCat’s inspiration came from stories of various cat owners and their experiences. I personally don’t live with one, sadly, not that it is an issue. That said, when you let a cat in the house, you aren’t owning the cat like you own a dog. Sadly that’s what most people think they are doing and when they realised cats aren’t that easy to take care of, they abandon them. Then again, some dogs suffer similar fates.

Taking in an animal pet, whether it’s cats, dogs or rabbit, one must always do sufficient homework to prevent any mishaps. Sure, I’ve always enjoyed walking through a neighbourhood with roaming cats but pet abandonment is a very cruel thing to do.

There is a common misconception that cats inherit their hunter instincts from their ancestors thus they are self sufficient. That isn’t entirely true for having the instincts to hunt doesn’t equate to successful hunts all the time; this is especially true for older cats which are no longer able to find their own food.

Cats, like humans are also prone to illnesses, mental distress and really really bad days. Throw all these factors together and you’d see that although cats are still hunters by nature; they aren’t exactly fed well in these urban areas if not for the feeders commitment.


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