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Reviews: Big Brother is watching you

Does the phrase sound familiar to you? It was taken from the novel ‘1984’ by George Owell, the same author who brought you ‘Animal Farm’.


This novel is set in a dystopian future where only one governing body rule the state (there’s the other two which are constantly at war) without opposition while everyone is under their control. The hero, Winston Smith, feels something amiss with this ruling and secretly goes against Big brother led by his own delusion.


Life as a civil servant definitely isn’t interesting in any ways and under the rule of an invisible tyrant only makes it more dull. While Big Brother moves policies and introduce more restrictions to prevent any forms of rebellion, Winston Smith finds himself savaging what’s left of the old times. At some point of the story he joined, or at least he thought so, a rebellious group led by Goldstien, whose existence was a mystery.

This book is a classic in many ways for the way Owell portrayed his world through the eyes of Smith is simply brilliant. Imagine a world where one is constantly monitored physically and mentally and just having thoughts that disagrees with Big Brother is enough to be convicted.

As a social sci fi novel, this is one of the must read for anyone who delves into such topics.


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