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RSE: Everyday Athlete and site updates

As the exams draw near fond memories of school days start bubbling inside. If there’s one thing I miss most about school, it got to be the 100M sprint competition I partake 6.30 in the morning for the bus. My trophy? not being booked by school prefects for being late and avoid detention.


School vacation is coming soon for us Poly students but work is only starting for me when vacation starts. Thus I have to hold off all posting of new chapters till January. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming in January as zookeeper is facing his finals in a few chapter’s time.

In the mean time, UnkerStories have set foot into Twitter (I discovered facebook’s way of keeping up with feeds is somewhat inefficient) so here’s a more convenient platform, Twitter!

So if you’d like to see Unker Stories for convenience in catching updates. Do drop me an email (unkerstories[at]gmail.com) and I’d see about it.

Currently I’m working on contents other than my own fictional works. After all, Unker Stories isn’t just about stories written by me but sharing of other ‘stories’ as well. Due to the lack of time to write a proper chapter (I am still writing, just not fiction at the moment) I’d put up Random Thoughts Journal and Review posts (of other works) following the schedule of Tuesday for Reviews and Sundays for Random Thoughts Journal.


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