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Nurviya: Emo Bo Jio

Emo Togetherness” is a stickman based drawing by ‘Nurviya’.

“Do everything also must jio”

For non Chinese dialect speakers this sentence structure is probably a helluva experience to decipher and understand what was written. No worries; Unker Stories isn’t deviating into Singlish (unless it is character dialogues) so you can breathe a sigh of relieve now.

“Jio”  in dialect means to ask someone along. “Bo” in dialect means ‘nothing’  or ‘never’. When you combine these two terms together, “bo jio”, means someone wasn’t asked along to do something like eating, playing or even toileting.

Why should anyone jio any people to do anything you might think? Well, not only it improves bonds between two or more people, but you also have company – we humans are social creatures; we need company. But of course to the extend where ‘everything must jio’ is purely a humorous attempt to jam people’s thought process.

As you can see in Nurviya’s stickman comic, some people bring this attempt a little bit further.

P.S “Bo jio” may be a fun and humorous remark to make in many situations but use it sparingly as it can become annoyance if used wrongly. More shall be discussed in the next upcoming simple guide ‘ASGT – Jioing’


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