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Weekend updates

I found out the update on the latest RTJ entry, Bolster Intimacy, wasn’t reflected on this site due to the original date written.

I don’t transfer the entries on the day I wrote it thus even in digital format, there was some date sorting issues because the ‘date created’ values are all the same.

E.g 10 entries in the notebook written in the span of one week all digitised in one day; thus there’s no proper date sorting.

In the mean time, the vote poll is up and fixed for companion reads or if you have any feedback, you can click on the link floating under ‘Recent Highlights’ to cast your vote! You don’t have to leave any feedback; simply click on the choice you want and leave blank if you don’t know what to write.

I didn’t realise the form was going through an infinite loop till just now, pardon the silly mistake. My apologies to all who went through the trouble to vote only to realise it didn’t register anything.


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