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Random Thoughts Journal

As I mentioned in the previous update, I will be posting up my personal journal in lieu of recent misunderstandings and accusations solely based on the content I write. Surely there are lots who can vouch for me however; this is the internet where everything is wide spread. Thus I thought why not post up my journals instead and let them judge themselves?

My journals are personal but not private hence I have no issues revealing them here in public space. However, each entry will be posted according to the original date written in my notebook (a A7 notebook I carry with me everywhere I go) which is dated back as far as year 2008 so you probably won’t find it in the latest updates.

To the right of this website I’ve included a ‘browse by category’ drop down menu to make it convenient should anyone wishes to read, just go straight to ‘Random Thoughts Journal’ category and you’d find it.

Already there have been 3 posts of RTJ but as mentioned above, it’s dated all the way to 2008, so you probably won’t see it here on latest updates or recent posts.

I will be posting more, (there are still entries in 2010 that are not recorded in this computer), so keep a look out for them; if you’re interested that is.

P.S Like the title says; ‘Random Thoughts Journal’ is a collection of my innermost thoughts as I seek answers to many things in life.


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